Mink Fur

Mink Fur

Unique Collection of Mink Fur Coats

Mink fur is wonderfully lightweight despite its density, making it ideal for soft and comfortable garments. It is such a delight to wear, in fact, that mink fur makes up more than 70% of the current fur market. Considering the elegance and timelessness of mink fur coats and jackets, it is evident as to why mink is so popular. Fur Caravan features a beautiful mink fur collection, ranging from full-length coats to jackets and vests that add class and style to your wardrobe with ease. Exquisitely soft mink fur parkasand hooded coats are also wonderful contemporary additions to our collection, offered in an assortment of colours ranging from the principal shades of grey, brown and black, to more daring colours such as dusty blue and emerald green. Explore the beauty and style of the mink fur coat collection curated by Marie Minks by perusing our collection, sure to suit even our most discerning clients’ taste.

How to Wear a Mink Coat

Enjoy having fun playing with style, by mixing and matching your mink fur coat or jacket with varying outfits. A cropped mink fur jacket in jade green looks stunning with sleek black pants and heels. Pair a full-length mink coat with your dress slacks, or add an edge to your outfit by donning a mink fur vest with your jeans and tennis shoes. Not only does Marie minks offer an array of mink fur garments for women, but Marie minks also boasts a gorgeous mink fur line for men as well. Men revel in the warmth and style of mink fur coats and jackets, including reversible jackets and vests, and full-length coats. Pair a contemporary mink fur jacket with casual jeans for a modern yet stylish look, or wear a gorgeous shaved mink fur coat with dress slacks and blouse. The versatility and beauty of mink fur allows for countless ways to incorporate your key piece into your wardrobe for many years to come.

Mink Fur Coats and Celebrities

The mink fur coat is a symbol of class and glamour, and has been such for many decades. As with the ever-trending garments made from sable fur, chinchilla fur or astrakhan fur coats made from mink fur are regularly worn by famous singers and celebrities. Ultra-famous celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West love wearing their fur coats and always stylishly pair their select fur garments with gorgeous ensembles. The allure of mink fur keeps it in the forefront of celebrity style. Red carpet events, haute-couture galas and celebrity events will typically feature guests donning mink fur coats, jackets or vests. The shorter hair, extremely soft touch and shiny quality of mink fur combine to make it versatile and desirable. Mink fur has been present and appreciated by the rich and famous for centuries.

What Makes Mink Fur So Unique?

For nearly the last century, mink fur has been a favourite, with its shiny coat and dense underfur, making it incredibly soft and wonderfully lightweight. The unique sheen of mink fur gives garments made of this luxuriant fur a beautiful allure. Mink’s guard hairs provide a beautiful shine and colour to mink fur coats, while its overall short hair length has been desirable in fashion for quite some time. Mink fur is exquisitely soft and dense, making for highly-desired coats and jackets made from this popular pelt. Discover Marie Minks line of mink coats, including mink fur jackets, mink fur vests and the classic full-length mink fur coats, capelets and shawls. Marie Minks is dedicated to responsible fur procurement.

How to Value a Mink Coat

Your mink fur garment will bring you years of beautiful wear, if you care for it properly. To keep your mink fur garment in excellent condition for many years, handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. Keep your mink fur coat away from heat and moisture, and avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place. If you need to cover your coat, use preferably a cloth bag – never store your fur garment in a plastic bag, which may trap moisture and does not allow the garment to breathe. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. Properly caring for your mink fur coat will be more than worth the effort, as it will continue to be a beautiful feature of your wardrobe for many years.

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