The History of Real Fur Coats

The luxurious appeal of fur has withstood the test of time, hearkening back to the era of ancient Egypt when only kings and high priests were permitted to don the pelts of chinchilla or mink. For thousands of years, fur has been worn as a symbol of power, wealth and luxury. In Europe, as early as the 11th century, fur was worn by royalty as a symbol of social status and affluence. Throughout the last few centuries, the production and wearing of fur has become a veritable symbol of high fashion and luxury. New advancements in production methods and forward-thinking fashion design houses around the globe have brought fur to a new level in vogue fashion. No longer is fur relegated to only the nobles…

Today, those seeking to add luxury, beauty and fashion to their wardrobes have the ability to enjoy the extravagance of fur jackets, vests and hats in a range of gorgeous styles. Centuries of skilled craftsmanship and design have allowed the fur clothing industry to maintain its pivotal role in the luxury clothing sector, while also providing the innovation necessary to push fur clothing design to new heights, as seen in many of today’s beautiful fur pieces

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